Imprisoning Palestinian Children

by Stephen Lendman, April 9th, 2010

Israel Begrudges Palestine Its Fragile Tourism
By Stuart Littlewood- London, 11.01.2011
The Israel lobby here in the UK is creating a storm in an advertising teacup in a bid to throw a spanner in the works of Palestinian tourism
The Jerusalem Post reports that Britain’s advertising watchdog has launched an investigation into „a barrage of complaints“ over a ‘Travel Palestine’ advert in the National Geographic magazine because it „appears to blot out the existence of the State of Israel“.

The objectives behind settlements have mostly been achieved

Today, its continuation in areas which will inevitably be part of a Palestinian state would place Israel’s security, and the nascent peace process, in jeopardy.

An Israeli Gandhi Seized at Sea by Ira Chernus
Rami Elhanan said that he was on the Irene because it was his „moral duty“ to act in support of Palestinians in Gaza, because reconciliation is the surest path to peace. That note of duty is certainly a Gandhian touch. Rami Elhanan did not learn that lesson from studying Gandhi.
He learned it from the cruelest experience imaginable: seeing his 14-year-old daughter Smadar killed in a suicide bombing in 1997. At first, he says, he had the natural reaction: “I was tormented with anger and grief; I wanted revenge.” Then he and his wife, Nurit Peled, realized that revenge would do no good because “the blame rests with the occupation. The suicide bomber was a victim just like my daughter, grown crazy out of anger and shame. I don’t forgive and I don’t forget, but when this happened to my daughter I had to ask myself whether I’d contributed in any way. The answer was that I had – my people had, for ruling, dominating and oppressing three-and-a-half million Palestinians for 35 years.”

28 kilometers of distilled apartheid
They pave a road, expropriate Palestinian land and the High Court of Justice approves the expropriation.
By Gideon Levy

Just before Christmas, the US President, Barack Obama, signed into law one of his country’s biggest aid pledges of the year. It was bound not for Africa or any of the many struggling countries on the World Bank’s list.
It was a deal for $US2.77 billion ($3 billion) to go to Israel in 2010 and a total of $US30 billion over the next decade.
Israel is bound by the agreement to use 75 per cent of the aid to buy military hardware made in the US: in the crisis-racked US economy, those military factories are critical to many towns.
For the first time the US is also providing $US500 million to the Palestinian Authority, including $US100 million to train security forces, under the strict proviso that the authority’s leadership recognises Israel.

Self-help for self-haters – article in Guardian by one self-hating jew

New EU foreign policy chief lambastes ‘Israeli occupation’
Catherine Ashton on Tuesday leveled scathing criticism at the „Israeli occupation,“ in her first speech as the European Union’s first high representative for foreign affairs and security policy.
The British stateswoman, who has also served as the Commissioner for Trade in the European Commission, said that in the EU’s view, „East Jerusalem is occupied territory, together with the West Bank.“
Ashton demanded that Israel immediately lift its blockade on the Gaza Strip, and reiterated that the union opposes the existence of the West Bank separation fence, as it opposes evictions of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem.
Following her comments, a number of MEPs from the Liberal side of the house called for punitive measures against Israel, including the suspension of the EU’s Association Agreement. Irish centre-left member Proinsias De Rossa, who visited the West Bank last week, called Israel’s treatment of Palestinians a form of „apartheid.“

This time it was neither the „infamous“ Swedish president who pulled the EU toward an anti-Israel resolution, nor a „daydreaming judge“ in Britain who issued an arrest warrant against an Israeli foreign minister. Criticism of Israel has become the language of choice in European discourse.

When the Israeli government offers new benefits to settlers, and peace talks with the Palestinians are deadlocked, even the superpower’s long arm is helpless. Even former U.S. ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk, a devout Jew who serves as an external advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama, does not hide his chagrin with the settlements policy.

Let’s face the facts, Israel is a semi-theocracy
Between Stockholm and Tehran, Israel of 2009 is much closer to Tehran.

Natanyahu should admit Israel doesn’t want peace
Because that is the truth. We don’t want peace. It’s as simple as that. It’s good for us to wallow in the current situation. There are no terrorist attacks so there are no Arabs. Life is a bowl of cherries, so why change? Society is comatose. It doesn’t object and doesn’t even ask, led like a flock of sheep, not asking why we need a freeze if at the same time more and more of its funds will be allocated to the settlements in huge quantities.

They don’t ask why it’s okay for the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba and not for Kiryat Shmona. They don’t care at all what is happening in their backyard and don’t wonder why the whole world disapproves of us. They just want to enjoy life, and who cares about two states or the end of the occupation? Netanyahu should speak this truth in his high-profile speech.

After we are freed of the burden of fraud, we can consider without hindrance what we really want to do: to build and build in the territories, to remain forever on every hilltop and in every valley, in the Golan Heights, and of course, in the „holy sites.“ And everything is a holy site. And we want to deepen the occupation and be even more cruel to the Palestinians.

Maybe they will finally fulfill our dreams and disappear. We can enact more and more racist laws and unequivocally say no to the Syrian president, who is driving us crazy over his desire for peace, and no to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who is in despair and failing. We can completely stifle the remaining good intentions of U.S. President Barack Obama and show contempt for the world, as we would so much like t

Israeli troops humiliate Palestinians – and put it on YouTube
Forty-three seconds: that’s the duration of a video clip uploaded to YouTube less than a year ago under the category of „Comedy.“
For the „hero“ of the clip, an unidentified young Arab, they were probably eternally long seconds and far from amusing. He was forced to slap himself and sing to the jubilant shouts of the photographer and his buddies – all of them members of Israel’s Border Police…

This is what the Only Democracy in the Middle East Looks Like

Report: “Excavations Ongoing At The Al Aqsa Mosque Area”
The foundation confirmed that some of the excavation works were being carried out at night, especially in one of the water cisterns located in the area that leads to the subterranean of the Aqsa mosque. The foundation warned of the risks and the impacts of the excavations on the Aqsa mosque and also warned of “the occupation escalatory efforts to judaize the area, especially because of its adjacency to the Marwani prayer hall of the Aqsa mosque“…..The Aqsa foundation warned that these excavations aimed to weaken the foundation of the Aqsa mosque structure, because in the past similar excavation works caused cracks and fissures in the southern part of the Aqsa mosque walls.

I have no brother
„The settlers are our brothers,“ Prime Minister Netanyahu said this week, trying to convey their holy wrath. But let me make it clear: T hey are not my brothers. I don’t have any brothers like that, or sisters.
It’s hard to be a Jew. Recently it’s been even harder, and not because the whole world is against us, but because we are against the whole world. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion was right. It’s important what Jews do – and what we did was cut ourselves off, like an errant planet that has strayed out of orbit. The settlers have cut us off. The world is looking at us through its telescope and asking „Is this Israel?“ I am also asking the same question.

It is actually those who preach but don’t practice love of one’s fellow Jew who show a greater readiness to commit hate crimes. Actually he who at every opportunity mentions that „we are all Jews“ is the one who relies on blood ties and ignores common values.

Israel has admitted that pathologists harvested organs from dead Palestinians, and others without the consent of their families – a practice that it said ended in the 1990s, it emerged at the weekend.

“The 2006 and 2009 Israeli bombings on Gaza left a high concentration of toxic metals in soil, which can cause tumours, fertility problems, and serious effects on newborns, like deformities and genetic pathologies.”
These are some of the key findings of a recent study by New Weapons Research Committee (NWRC), an Italy-based group of academics, physicians and researchers.

Birth defects increased in Gaza due to Israel’s use of chemical weapons

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat rejected municipal recommendations and cut funding for a toddler health-care center in East Jerusalem, while approving aid to a similar center in a Jewish neighborhood.

Israel Declares War on Peace NGOs


The neglect of Arab youngsters is causing them to feel „there is no future, and when young people have no future time has its effect and negative elements have theirs.
When young people are left to become embittered, when they are shunned and not accepted – what do you expect to happen?
„We know the stories about young Arabs who hebraize their names so they can get hired, and this makes me very sad,“ he said. „A person without an identity is a dangerous person; a person who knows what his identity is, is a person with dignity.“

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