A Talk on Israel by Illan Pape

Илан Папе е евреин, роден през 1954 година в Хайфа. В настоящето той е начело на Истроическия департамент на University of Exeter , Великобритания и един от директорите на Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies.
Той е основател и ръководител на Института за проучвания за мир в Givat Haviva, Израел (1992-2000) и председател на Института за палестински изследвания Emil Touma в Хайфа (2000-2008).

Папе е историк и активист за правата на човека, ката смята, че отдадеността на дадена кауза и професионализмът не са взаимно отблъскващи се понития, а по-скоро се подсилват взаимно. Той пише най–вече за Накба от 1948 г. и е смятан за един от новите историци Израел, който оспорва официалната ционисткия версия на случилото се.

През лятото на 2007 година, Папе и семейството му решават да напуснат Израел и да се преместят във Великобритания. След като подкрепата му към академичен бойкот наизраелските университетите става публично известна, той се превръща в обществен враг номер едно. Папе казва, че е получил смъртни заплахи по телефона почти ежедневно и това го принуждава да напусне страната.
3ащо Папе подкрепя Академичния бойкот може да прочете в статията.

Повече за него и творчеството му може да прочете на официалната му страница.
А това е видео материал от негова лекция и моя опит да запиша част от думите му.

Since 1948 and up to today the message was ‘You are actually quite free to do what you want’….
The ethnic cleansing became part of the ideological infrastructure of the Jewish state. Something that won’t be tolerated in any other country that pretends to be democracy. This will never be excepted…but in case of Israel this is tolerated until today.

It was not only that villages were demolished and people were expelled.
Ethnic cleansing includes other aspects of totally erasing people from history, you take over all their cultural assets, you build instead of their villages new settlements, or you build forest over them. Most of the forest in Israel is planted on ruined Palestinian villages. Very interesting act of geographical transformation.

Israel cannot exist unless it has massive jewish majority, so this demographic nightmare, or ‘dream’, depends on your point of view, this demographic vision forms the Israeli policy on the ground.

Occupy the area means that you want one day to get out of it.
Occupation is a very limited project, it has beginning, it has an end, and has a very definite way of running. Israelis don’t want to occupy the West Bank and Gaza Strip. They want to find a way to keep the territory without expelling the people, but at the same time they don’T belong to you.

There is only one institution that has the same logic but does it to individuals for a limited time. The idea that you contains people, you don’t have them with you, but you don’t expel them, they remain in the territory but they are not part of the territory. And this is a PRISON. This all happens in a prison. So Israel established a Mega Prison in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

But there are two types of Prison. One is Open Prison, up to the point that Palestinians have autonomy in their prison. But they will never be citizens or anything, they are called residents….. And then comes second model, which is maximum security Prison. …More details in the video:

The facts are quite clear, the documents are very vast and accessible, and therefore is not anymore an Israeli debate on whatever I say is correct or not correct. …Their question is Why are you doing this? You are undermining our position, our status, and so on. Why are you helping the enemy?
This is a stage where you cannot deny what happened but you are strong enough to ignore it.

The criminality that happens there, the inhumanity that takes place there, is in small dosages on a daily basis over 60 years. And the media doesn’t like such atrocities, it prefers big atrocities.

If you look at Israel today there are 15 different legal systems by which Israel controls the Palestinians, all of them discriminating. Some of them are much less discriminative then oppressing Arab regime, some them of them are worse than the worst Arab regime. The vast majority of the Palestinians live under legal systems that oppress them in a way that is even worse than South Africa’s apartheid. … The vast majority of Palestinians don’s live in their country, which is the worst form of discriminatory policy. I throw you from your house, and I don’t allow you to go back to that house. This is something that even Apartheid South Africa didn’t do.
More in the video:


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