опитите да се спре ненасилвствената палестинска съпротива продължават

39 домашни претърсвания и 28 арести – това е само още един ден в Западния бряг. Вчерашната стаия на Амира Хаас описва действителността. Потвърждение на нейните думи и на фактите представени в статията идва днес от два блога, която следя

Israeli army wants me

By Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

The Israeli army invaded our neighborhood at 1:30 AM Tuesday morning waking up my mother, wife and sister. Heavily-armed soldiers blocked roads during “the operation”. When my family opened the door, they demanded to see me. They were told I have already left to the US. After many more questions, they left a paper that states I am to appear at the military liaison office next
Monday. My sister and wife told them I will not be back by then. Clearly the warning from that military officer at Ush Ghrab that I mentioned in my last email, was based on knowledge of this. I guess I am a wanted man now for engaging in nonviolent protest!

What disturbs me is not the risk to me; any action against oppression is taken knowing there are personal risks. What disturbs me is that this has an effect on my family and thousands of friendsaround the world who care (and some of it unpredictable).

My 76 year old mother asks on the phone that I not go back and that I work in the US for a while, a very painful suggestion for a mother to make about her only remaining son near her! I try to assure her that I have done nothing wrong and will not leave her…but she brings up many examples of people who also did not do any violence and were arrested, imprisoned, and their families had to go through a lot. A friend who heard about this stated I have nothing to worry about, that this was to hassle me to get us to stop being active. Another lost sleep trying to figure out what we can do. I assure her that I will carry on with my speaking tour as planned and that this will blow over one day. (the song “we shall overcome someday” comes to mind).

But I am not different from hundreds of others. Israel is cracking down on all popular/civil resistance activities in Palestine because: 1) there is no armed resistance now, and 2) Civil resistance is escalating and portending a new powerful uprising. Israel’s repression of dissent reinforces in our minds the importance of civil resistance and that there is a price to pay for it. Over 30 activists were arrested in Bilin over the past year, many others in Ni’lin, Al-Ma’sara and elsewhere. The repression reveals the bankruptcy of the Zionist regime and its excessive paranoia that will IMHO eventually lead to its demise. It is paranoia inherent in the philosophical underpinnings of the ideology. That ideology embraced by a subset of Jews (Zionism) simply teaches that “we are God’s chosen people, He gave us this land, we cannot go wrong when behaving against the Goyim especially those who happen to be here when we arrived to reclaim and cleanse our lands, and International law and human rights laws do not apply to us.” It is self-destructive delusions that are inculcated during early education and perpetuate the myths of uniqueness. It leads to the kind of behaviors that are now difficult to hide (the ethnic cleansing of 1948 was only a beginning). But even some Israelis are shedding these mythologies and joining the struggle. In the end, we will live together despite all this repression.

Palestinian Organizer Assaulted at an Israeli Checkpoint

By the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee
02 March 2010

Mahmoud Zwahre, a prominent member of the Al-Ma’asara Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, was brutally assaulted at the Israeli Container Checkpoint near Bethlehem this morning. Zwahre was on his way to a Ramallah meeting when his car was stopped.
Zwahre was detained after a Border Police officer positioned at the checkpoint recognized him from the weekly demonstrations held in Al-Ma’asara for the past 3.5 years. He was held for almost two hours, during which he was subjected to an aggressive search through his possessions and his car, and then detained in an interrogation room for no apparent reason.
In the interrogation room, with no witnesses around, Zwahre was punched, kicked and beaten with a rifle butt by the officer for over 10 minutes. During the rampage, the officer explained that the beating was intended to “teach Mahmoud a lesson”, because he recognized him from the demonstrations. He also threatened to order his arrest. Zwahre was eventually released, suffering minor injuries and bruises, and intends to file a complaint against the officer.

Zwahre’s abuse at the checkpoint today is part of a larger campaign Israel is waging in an attempt to suppress the Palestinian popular struggle. Recent months have seen the arrest of dozens of individuals connected to anti-Wall and settlement protest, often on questionable grounds or without any charge at all.
In the village of Al-Ma’asara alone, where Zwahre is from, the Army and Shin Bet have made clear threats against members of the popular committee on five different occasions between December 29th, 2009, and January 15th, 2010. The threats, mostly conveyed during night-time raids on the village, included warnings that popular committee members would be beaten and arrested should they continue to mobilize people and organize demonstrations.
During a January 15th night-time raid into the houses of both Mahmoud and Mohammad Breija, soldiers warned the two that repercussions would follow if they did not stop organizing protests in the village. Zwahre was even threatened that a child may end up dead as a result, implying that the responsibility for the repression and its cost will lie with the Popular Committee
Last Friday, the army conducted a pre-dawn raid on Brejia’s house once more, in a prelude to a siege soldiers held on the village the entire day in order to prevent the weekly demonstration from taking place. As the demonstration set out from the village’s mosque towards the walled off lands, it was attacked by soldiers who took over rooftops at the entrance to the village.

И новина от тази сутрин на палестинската осведомителна агенция Маан

An Israeli military court sentenced the director of a Ma’an-affiliated Tulkarem radio station to 50 days in prison and a 1,500 shekel penalty.

Omar Bleidy, owner and sometimes host of the Tulkarem station Kul An-Nas (All the People) was seized from his home by Israeli soldiers on Tuesday night. Witnesses said soldiers surrounded Bleidy’s house before detaining him.

Bleidy has not been charged with any crime, and the reasons for his detention remain unclear.

The local station broadcasts a variety of general interest programs, news and music. Kul An-Nas is a member station of Ma’an Network.

Bleidy was among ten detained overnight, according to Israeli media, with one detained from Jenin, two from the Ramallah area and six from the Bethlehem municipality.

Israeli media said all ten were „wanted“ by Israeli officials.

Witnesses said several Israeli military vehicles surrounded a home in the neighborhood as neighbors heard the blast of stun grenades. Loudspeakers demanded citizens leave their homes in the early morning, as Israeli forces took a number of young men.

Israeli soldiers fired on residents of Duheisha, after they reported the launch of a small pipe bomb at troops carrying out an arrest raid in the camp.

Думите на палестинския министър на земеделието Ismail Daiq обобщават най-добре случващото се

„The year 2009 was the quietest for Israelis from the security point of view and the most violent for the Palestinians from the point of view of attacks by settlers in the West Bank.“

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