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3-минутен урок по история

Утре Израел празнува своята Независимост от човешките ценности и закони

Това е мнението на един евреин – американец и активист за мир, живеещ от 25 години в Йерусалим.
Той е основният автор в блога Пустинен мир, от там си позволявам да копирам и думите му.

Tomorrow Israel will celebrate its Day of Independence. Thousands of Israelis will gather in parks and prepare the Hibachis which were carefully put away in storage a year ago. It’s a happy day for those very people that seem to be totally oblivious to the suffering which resulted from the Declaration which created the state.

At the time, in 1948, it was recognised as a progressive move to create that entity. In fact, it was the Soviet Ambassador (Andrei Gromyko) to the United Nations that officially made the motion in the General Assembly to partition what then was Palestine. It was the long awaited day when the sun continued to set on the British Empire. Just nine months earlier India was able to print their currency without the image of King George on it.

In reality, however, it was not only Britain that Israel declared its independence from, on that day Israel declared its independence from all of humanity. At the very moment Israel’s independence became official, Palestine ceased to exist. Both sides of the partition that was meant to be became Israel’s, a situation that has thus lasted for 62 years.

That was just the beginning of a long history of ignoring resolutions passed by the United Nations….. with every resolution came the same reply; “anti-Semitism”….with every resolution came a U.S. Veto….
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