A prayer for the Gazan armed only with a flag – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

 Това е прекрасна статия на Bradley Burston, посветена на ненасилствената съпротива в Газа:

A Special Place in Hell / A prayer for the Gazan armed only with a flag – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.


Един от читателите е коментирал, че вместо да демонстриарат срещу Израел, жителите на Газа трябва да сторят това срещу собственото си правителство, Хамас.

Ето какво му е отговорил друг израелец, Давид:


  • David
  • 10.05.10
  • 18:23

lets just remember that this was the government that THEY chose, and before we gave them a chance to speak we closed the borders, THATS when they started throwing the rockets, if u can even call them that, again. if u can recall hamas had basically given up their military wing for an entire year before the elections, and for a good 4 months after them too. pshh, violent war? reallly? its like shooting a metal pipe over a fence hoping that itll hit someone.. oh wait.. thats exactly wat their doing. how about we give them modern weapons and then we juke it out? that sounds alot more fair to me! i hate it ever time we go into gaza cause i feel like a fucking coward, hiding behind our tanks and artillery fire, these guys barely have ammo most of the time! G-d if the world knew… well, fuck the world. G-d knows, and we are all going to burn in hell for it. lets all stop lying to ourselves about the chosen ppl bullshit, maybe the cursed people. point is, we shouldnt be here.


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