Част от хората, които са заплаха за сигурността на Израел

Това са само малка част от хората, които не са допускани в Окупираните Палестински територии. Към тях може да добавим пресния случай с известния испански клоун Иван Прадо, който искал да влезе в страната за да участва в организацията на Festiclown Palestina 2010, който трябва да се проведе тази есен.

To make a long story short, after six hours of waiting miserably at Ben-Gurion International Airport Prado was informed by an Interior Ministry official, “You’re being expelled. Get on the first flight to Madrid, where there’s room for jokers like you.” With that, Prado transmogrified into a prophet of the apocalypse. After landing in Spain he began denouncing Israel to the local press, comparing the Palestinians’ plight with that of the Jews in wartime Poland.
The Israeli embassy in Madrid sent an urgent communique to Jerusalem: asking “What did you do?” The Foreign Ministry replied curtly, “security reasons.” Rage spread through the embassy, which sought a more substantive response with which to counter questions from the Spanish media, sure that a clown’s deportation for “security reasons” must be some kind of joke.

Целия материал може да прочетете в Блога на Фестивала, където в крайна сметка правът следното заключение:

Prado is not alone. Were the story not so inane, grotesque and infuriating we might hurt ourselves laughing. But dozens of foreign visitors have been similarly expelled in the past few months because they were suspected of sympathizing with the Palestinians – a grave offense indeed. These are people of conscience who came to express support for the Palestinians but were foiled by the airport’s thought police. The Jewish-American historian Norman Finkelstein was expelled for supporting a one-state solution to the Mideast conflict and believing that Israel has turned the Holocaust into an industry. But had he requested a new immigrant document he would have to receive one immediately, in accordance with the Law of Return. But to come to visit and dare to criticize? Send him back to America.

Друг случай бе депортирането обратно в Америка на американския евреин, който работи като главен редактор на палестиската телеграфна агенция Маан, Джаред Малсин.


За повече информация може да идете на страницата на кампанията The Right to Entry to the Occupied Palestinian Territory.


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