Сагата с Eden Aberjil и публикациите ѝ във Фейсбук продължава

Очевидно Еден не е много наясно кой наблюдава Фейсбук страница ѝ, не мога да си обясня иначе последните ѝ коментари, с които тя затъва все повече и повече.

Левият израелски вестник “Хаарец“ превежда ето така въпросният коментар от четвъртък.

I am in favor of a Jewish Zionist state. I will defend what is mine always and forever! I declare and define myself as a proud Jewish woman. And as a proud Jewish woman, I am obligated to fight for what is mine. One comment someone left in the thread for this picture says it all: “If she wasn’t alert they would come and kill your mother.” And I’m not talking only about me but about every soldier who guards and protects us.

In war there are no laws. I hate Arabs and wish them ill. With pleasure I would kill them, even slaughter them. It’s impossible to forget what they do [to us]. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. I am simply on the side of the Jewish people!!! And so may it continue forever!

…I will not let Arab lovers [like Ido] destroy the fulfilled life I live.


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